Mannheimer Morgen

  • Polar Bear

    The polar or white bear (Ursus maritimus), one of the largest species of ursid, is a model of adaptation to an extreme environment. Its physiology and habits are perfectly acclimatized to Arctic temperatures. Body, skin colour and coat are some of the elements that conserve body heat and adapt to the cold, which also conditions feeding and reproductive habits and even gestation. An excellent swimmer, this terrestrial carnivore is the largest super predator of the Arctic ice. The German newspaper Mannheimer Morgen featured the infographic in its Saturday supplement, in the fixed section Grafik der Woche (Infographic of the week). It was entitled: Überleben in der Kälte (Surviving in the Cold). The original infographic, which mixes photography and drawing, is part of a series dedicated to the physiology and habits of mammals.
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