• Wolf

    The Italian edition of Focus, the prestigious magazine of scientific divulgation, dedicated one of its reports, under the title Il retorno del lupo (The Return of the Wolf), to the reconquest of some depopulated territories of Europe by this wild canid. The publication included this infographic to illustrate aspects of wolf´s anatomy and the regions of the planet which are its natural habitat. The wolf is the most abundant large carnivorous mammal in Eurasia and North America.
    Page(s): 37


  • Pterosaurs

    The pterosaurs occupied several pages of the Italian edition of Focus, a well-known scientific journal. The client used two infographics (What the Pteranodon Was Like? and Pteranodon)in the report dedicated to these prehistoric animals, contemporaries of the dinosaurs. One of the infographics opened the article and the other one served to show the anatomical peculiarities of this flying reptile who lived on Cretaceous, a geological period that began 145 million years ago and lasted about 80 million years.
    Pages of What the Pteranodon Was Like?: 98-99
    Page of Pteranodon: 101

  • The Termite Mound

    The Italian edition of the popular science and nature magazine Focus inserted a section on a termite mounds to show the complex clay structures that termites raise, in a five-page article dedicated to these laborious and gregarious insects, whose virtues are the subject of study by specialists from different disciplines with a view to satisfying future human needs. The image of the termite mound is originally part of another of the same title and another dedicated to the African savannah, where it is common to discover the voluminous nests of these Isoptera. Focus is published in Milan by Arnaldo Mondadori Editore, under license from the German group Gruner+Jahr.
    Page(s): 51