Albatros D.V

Illustreret Videnskab Historie

The description of the Albatros D.V, the biplane fighter that the Germans commissioned in 1916 to counter Allied air superiority in World War I, appeared in the fixed section Rundt om (About ...) of the Illustreret Videnskab Historie magazine, owned by the Bonnier Publications group. From the original proposal, the editors used the central images: the airplane and the engine detail, in addition to the airplane profiles and the technical characteristics of the aircraft. As for the rest, they opted for other content more in line with their purposes. Tyskernes superfly var fuld af fejl (The German Supermachine Was Full of Flaws) was the title of the infographic. The Danish publishing comapny has in its catalog three other magazines with historical content: Militär Historia, Populär Historia and Släkt Historia.
Page(s): 28-29

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