Ancient Greece

P.M. History

The prestigious German history magazine P.M. History produced a comprehensive report, titled Europa Erste Genies (The first flash of Europe), dedicated to the ancient Greek civilization. In its pages P.M. History used two infographics from Infographics90: The Acropolis of Athens and The Macedonian Empire. The Acropolis of Athens infographic, which served to illustrate the golden age of classical Greek culture, the one of the V century BC. also known as Pericles' century, shows the distribution of the buildings of this sacred precinct, built in honor of the goddess Athena, protector of the city: the temples of Niké and Artemis, the Parthenon, the Erechtheion, the Pandrosius, the Arreforion, the altar of Athena, the sanctuaries of Zeus Polieo and Pandión and, outside the walls, the Eleusinión. The Macedonian Empire infographic shows Alexander the Great facing, along with his phalanges, the elephants of King Poros, on the banks of the Hydaspes river around 326 BC, when the Macedonian conqueror undertook his campaign against the kingdoms of northern India.
Pages of The Acropolis of Athens: 38-39
Pages of The Macedonian Empire: 46-47

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