Mannheimer Morgen

With the title Meister des Sprints (Master of the Sprint), the cheetah, the fastest land mammal, was featured in the Grafik der Woche (Infographics of the Week) section of the Saturday supplement of the German newspaper Mannheimer Morgen. The client inserted the original infographic, without altering its distribution. The cheetah is a felid from the African savannah that achieves a top speed of 120 km/h and keeps it up for 500 m, chasing a prey. In only three seconds it is capable of running at 95 km/h. A large cat, the cheetah has an anatomy adapted to running: a large heart, lungs and nostrils to pump more oxygen and blood, a long tail to balance the run, feet without retractable nails, and a slender body. The blade also includes the flying squirrel and the sloth as contrast elements.
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