Chichén Itzá

P.M. History

The Mayas infographic, which locates the main buildings of the archaeological site of Chichén Itzá, in the Mexican peninsula of Yucatan, occupies the central pages of an extensive report, entitled Blut für die Götter (Blood for the Gods), that the German magazine of history P.M. History dedicated to this Mesoamerican city, considered the largest of the late classical or of the early postclassic period of the Mayan civilization, between the years 800 and 1100. The editor of the magazine used the graphic of the internal structure of the building of the Caracol astronomical observatory, which appears in the original Infographics90's infographic, to illustrate the text entitled Sternendeuter (Astrologers) on the next page. The Chichén Itzá site was declared a World Heritage by UNESCO in 1988.
Page(s): 46-47 and 48

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