Wunderwelt Wissen Magazin

  • Lightning

    The German monthly publication Wunderwelt Wissen Magazin used part of the graphic material from the original infographic and combined it with elements provided by the client himself, such as the map of the areas of Germany with the highest amount of lightning precipitation and the photographs of the electrical phenomena that occur in the atmosphere. The infographic elements served to illustrate an article about lightning and its effects. The magazine, which combines information and entertainment, publishes the contents of the television program of the same name, broadcasted by the ProSieben network for Germany and Austria.
    Page(s): 12-13


  • Space Junk

    Since August 2010, the German monthly publication Wunderwelt Wissen Magazin included a special notebook, called Galileo, which offered the latest developments in the world of science. In this case, under the title So Gefährlich ist Weltraum-müll (The Dangerous Space Junk), Sol90images' infographic was published in its entirety (only style modifications according to the publication were applied). Since 2019, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of its creation, Galileo notebook became a bimonthly autonomous magazine, edited by the BPA publishing group, still linked to the ProSieben television group.
    Page(s): 58-59

  • Freemason Temple

    The Freemason temple, with its symbolism and the functions of its members, was the central infographic of the article that Wunderwelt Wissen Magazin dedicated to this secret society that, founded in the late XVII and early XVIII centuries, which had its golden age in the XIX century.
    Page(s): 88-89


  • Bird Migration

    Bird migration occupied two pages of the German magazine Wunderwelt Wissen Magazin, who modified the elements of the original infographic to add a photograph and a map of the places where the birds, which each year travel from Scandinavia and Siberia, stop over on German soil. The infographic, which was offered under the title Das Grosse Flattern (The Great Flight), in the Schnell Erklärt (In a Nutshell) section, shows the main routes of migratory birds. Wuderwelt Wissen Magazin is published monthly and is dedicated to divulgation of knowledge referred to science and nature.
    Page(s): 52-53